Le Dieselgate, la crise de 2007-2008, la crise du Covid-19… . Autant d’événements a priori improbables. Peut-on se préparer à ce que l’on appelle les « Cygnes noirs » ? Oui. La prospective stratégique aide les entreprises à imaginer l’inimaginable, à concevoir tous les scénarios pour y faire face et à détecter les « signaux faibles » qui les précèdent. Explications.

D’après l’article de Valéry Michaux paru dans The Conversation France le 8 avril 2020 : Comment les entreprises peuvent-elles se projeter dans le futur pour anticiper les crises ?

4 janvier 2021
Michaux Valéry


Michaux Valéry

Professeur NEOMA BS

Valéry MICHAUX holds a PhD and a Habilitation to Supervise Research and she joined NEOMA Business School in 2004 after gaining sixteen years of experience, first in the private sector (cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries) and then in the parapublic sector (concerted local policy work relating to employment/health/disability). She received a Prix de thèse national FNEGE for her thesis on Collective Expertise in High-Performance Situations in the Field of Repatriation Assistance. Between 2004 and 2012, she coordinated several research projects focusing on the links between Emerging Strategies, Public Policy, Performance and Territory which resulted in two books: one on Wine Industry Clusters and the other on Concerted Local Politics. At the same time she has worked for a number of years on Transformations and Changes brought on by Technology. Between 2012 and 2015 Valéry was Director of Research at NEOMA Business School. From the beginning of her career, she has published recognized CNRS academic articles in the fields of Organisational Theory, Information Systems or Strategy. She is part of the scientific committees on several academic reviews and several French and International academic associations.