Gamers are not very popular. Often called ‘no-lifers’, suspected of lacking in social skills and having an addiction… Yet, thanks to online games, they can develop soft skills that would make any recruiter turn pale: project management, teamwork, talent combination, performance management, resource monitoring, coordination, leadership, strategic vision.

When zombie attacks are perfect metaphors for business transformation, or when conquering a kingdom as a guild leader gives you key management skills, putting the qualities of these diehard players into perspective can provide recruiters with a real opportunity.

When can we expect to see a job interview version of Fortnite?

2 October 2020
Oihab Allal-Cherif


Oihab Allal-Cherif

Professeur NEOMA BS

Oihab is a Full Professor of Information Systems Management and Purchasing Management at NEOMA Business School in Reims, France. He received a PhD in Management Sciences from the University Grenoble-Alpes and an Habilitation to Direct Research at the University of Nantes. His research topics are information systems management and purchasing management in general, and more specifically e-business, serious games, digital transformation, cloud computing, digital heritage, and open innovation. His research has been published in Journal of Business research, Journal of Global Information Management, Information Systems and Management, and other ranked international journals. He also likes publishing book chapters and case studies. Oihab his involved in several editorial boards and has participated in the organization of numerous research events. He held managerial positions within faculty and has participated to the creation and development of educational programs.