You got a job interview? Congratulations! If this challenge makes you feel under pressure, the key could be the anticipation. Indeed, preparation for an interview is an essential step that can sometimes be neglected by candidates. To gain serenity and succeed in this delicate and crucial moment; discover the 5 essential tips that we deliver to our students but which are equally valid for professionals in position!

Tip 1: Find out about the company!

Before joining any company, any recruiter will expect you to know as much as possible about the company. Its history, sector of activity, competitive market,… To have as much information as possible, it is necessary to look at all the company’s external communication media, including the website, several days in advance. During our intensive sessions built around the experience of our career advisors, we encourage students to also take an interest in the company’s official social network pages to be as up-to-date as possible! This is the best way to identify the areas the company communicates on and to learn more about its strategy.

Tip 2: Get in touch with former company employees!

To have interesting feedback on a company, the best way is certainly to contact somebody who either works there or who has worked there in the past! This is why we always advise students to contact former trainees from the School, but also any alumni currently employed there… That is why we invite them to events and workshops held on our Campuses. They provide a wealth of information that should not be overlooked! You should also take an interest in any related websites that can also provide interesting additional information, such as Indeed or Glassdoor.

Tip 3: Base your pitch on meaningful keywords!

We often find that candidates conduct all their interviews along the same lines, without adapting their content to the audience. However, in our opinion, this is a mistake we address in our individual trajectory courses. Before arriving at the interview, each candidate must ask themselves the right questions: I am applying for position X. What are the qualities, experiences, skills or know-how that are expected of me? Then, from these elements, you can build your arguments – arguments that hit the target based on factual elements and key words that you have identified beforehand. Like a pitch, you have to seduce your audience! To do this, you must succeed in building your story, defending your career project, using story telling techniques! Of course, this requires a lot of preparation and practice. In front of friends, family members or NEOMA BS career advisors… The key is to arrive at the interview being confident in your own strengths. Making a video or audio recording yourself beforehand will allow you to identify and overcome certain body or language tics. A must-do that will increase your chances of success!

Tip 4: Adapt your image to suit the company and the sector!


Another point concerns your image. For each interview, you need to ask yourself what image you want to convey or what image the sector imposes. Suit or not? Tie or not? Dress suit or not? Such details may seem anecdotal, but they nevertheless contribute to the image you convey or to your knowledge of the sector for which you are applying. Think also about your own comfort! Forget about wearing new shoes on the Big Day or you’ll suffer unnecessarily.

Tip 5: Arrive relaxed!

One last piece of advice: don’t forget the logistics! Remember to arrive on time. Plan the right train. Do not arrive too early either, otherwise your stress levels will increase unnecessarily. If you have some time to spare, do some relaxation exercises. Finally, turn up with your CV, a notebook and a pen in your pocket. Essential? A folder or even a digital tablet with examples of visuals, brochures, flyers or other documents you have designed! Your dynamism and motivation depend on the quality of your oral expression, but also on the image you convey. This is a reality that should never be forgotten and something we focus on in our practical workshops! Now… It’s up to you!

26 July 2019
Millaer Vicky


Millaer Vicky

Conseillère Carrière

After a Master of French and Hispanic Studies at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) Vicky Millar turned to the commercial and administrative function that she exercised in France, Great Britain and Portugal. After retraining for professional integration, she worked for 5 years as a consultant for a specialized private practice in Rouen. Vicky then joined NEOMA Business School in 2009 where she held an international coordination position, before joining the “Talent & Career” department as a Career Consultant. Passionate about personal development, Vicky Millar today takes care of individual student counseling. She also manages the Spanish-speaking region for the development of internships and jobs in connection with the alumni network.