Ever get the feeling that certain coworkers are only looking out for themselves, not the company or their colleagues? If so, you might be working with a narcissist, machiavellian, or psychopat. How can you recognize the signs that should alert you? and what behaviour can protect you ?



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14 February 2020
Schyns Birgit


Schyns Birgit

Professeur NEOMA BS

Birgit joined Neoma Business School as Professor in Organisational Behaviour in 2017, after 11 years in the UK, first as Reader at University of Portsmouth and then at Durham University, later as full Professor at Durham University. After receiving her PhD from the University of Leipzig, Germany in 2001, she worked at University of Leipzig before moving to the Netherlands, where she lived and worked from 2002 to 2006 at Tilburg University and later at University of Twente. Her research focus is leadership, particularly the follower side of leadership as well as the dark side of leadership. She has published on topics including Leader-Member Exchange, transformational leadership, implicit leadership theories, followers’ perception of leadership and, more recently, destructive leadership. Birgit has edited several special issues and four books. She was associate editor for European Journal of Work and Organizational psychology (till 2011) and British Journal of Management (till 2013) and is currently associate editor for Applied Psychology: An International Review. Birgit serves on several editorial boards. Birgit has supervised several PhD students, mainly on leadership.